Gigawiek Foundation
About us

About us

Our aim is simple: to restore our right to have an undisturbed sleep at night. Reports of sleep disturbance were first reported within the first weeks after start of operations in June 2013. With both adults and children suffering from this, the problem is vast and persistent.

Proof is plenty: anindependent study by Utrecht University concluded that these windturbines have been built too close to houses to avoid negative effects on its vicinity. Furthermore, study after study shows that especially Low Frequent Noise generated by wind turbines are the largest cause of adverse health effects. 

A study by M+P, contracted by the City of Houten, into LFN inside our homes proved beyond reasonable doubt that the LFN originates from these wind turbines.

Violation of EU law: case law by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg shows that noise disturbance from wind turbines on humans is a direct violation of EU law. Neither the city of Houten nor Eneco/Mitsubishi are voluntarily adjusting operations to comply with international law. 

On top of this, Eneco/Mitsubishi are in violation of OECD guidelines for multinationals, which dictates that multinationals from its member states (such as the Netherlands and Japan) must comply with international law even if national law does not require them to do so. To date, both Eneco and its parent company Mitsubishi refuse to do the honourable thing, and comply by fully mitigating adverse effects of its operations.